Friday, October 5, 2012

Adventure Day!

With the humidity finally gone and the beautiful fall weather, an adventure day was a must last weekend.
Blake planned a great hike around Great Falls, VA. It wasn't a strenuous mountain hike like Utah 
has to offer but rather a nature walk of sorts. But we wore workout clothes to make it feel more
 intense so it all worked out in the end.
The best part of hiking is when you run into the same couple every turn you take. 
There is basically one path and nature is hard to come by in DC so it was pretty crowded. 

"Hi good morning".....
"Oh hi again".... 
"Hahah hiiiii".....

Blake gave me the clue "horses" for what part II of the adventure held in store.
After driving to a random town in Maryland, we stopped off at Glen Echo Park.
It's a preserved amusement park from the 1940s and it is basically 
Stars Hallow meets Singing in the Rain.
aka Heaven.

They hold random creepy puppet show for kids and community music lessons.

Best part? Working carousel from 1921. 
One of the oldest in the U S of A.
For the win!

Blake and I were the first people in line and the oldest :)
It was the perfect fall afternoon and was promptly topped off with some 
bubble gum icecream in Georgetown.
Guess we really are still kids.

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  1. What the heck? I did not know you guys had a blog! And it's so pretty!