Monday, January 5, 2015

current addictions

With Blake out of town all of this week (don't come kidnap me if you are a creepy person reading this), I am filling my time with my current addictions.

First up, Tilt To Live. While I used to play a good Mario Cart game back in my day (go Wario!), it's been a while since I've played any video/iphone games. But Tilt To Live has me hooked. Hard.

Next I plan to make some good progress on my new years resolution this week to drink more water. My recent Target clearance steal- a giant mason jar tumbler is definitely helping. I am addicted to water bottles. It's weird.

I've only been alone one night and I'm already half way through Amy Poehler's new book Yes Please.  She is so good. But it has some swears just to warn you. I love staying up way too late caught up in a good book.

Lastly I think I'll have some solo dance parties listening to this song on repeat:

I also might throw in some glitter crafts and a Harry Potter marathon for good measure.

Come home soon Blake!

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