Thursday, March 23, 2017

Teddy 6 months

Teddy's 6th month was the best because we celebrated all month long in Utah! His first Christmas was so fun it deserves a separate post soon to come.

At 6 months, Teddy has now learned to get up on all fours and do this adorable rocking/scooting thing with his bum. Thanks to Grandma Barbara doing baby crossfit with him every night in Utah, he does this hilarious yoga downward dog move too. Usually it just results in him face-planting the floor but it is adorable nonetheless. He also loves to spin on his tummy like a dial on a clock to reach whatever he wants. He is getting really good at his pincer grasp and can swipe objects away from you at an alarming speed.

We started solid foods a few weeks ago and he was a little skeptical at first. Sweet potatoes and squash are apparently not his thing. We are following the Dr Jed VanDenBerghe (#myuncle #blesshim) method of eating so Teddy got to finally have fruit Christmas weekend. He LOVED applesauce and bananas. If he really likes something he will suck it off the spoon soooo fast. He also got little bity tastes of frosting, a dunford donut and some icecream because...#christmas.

My mom borrowed an exersaucer for us to use while in Utah and Teddy went nuts jumping in that thing for hours on end. He would have the most serious/calm expression on his face while his little feet were going nuts doing the river dance.

Teddy continues to be our little blue eyed angel baby. He took a sleeping hiatus in Utah, waking up every few hours during the night. We were sure we had ruined our perfect baby but he is back to sleeping through the night in Virginia #whew. He smiles at everyone and laughs easily when given attention. Grocery shopping with him now takes twice as long because he can sit in the cart so everyone can see him. We get stopped every few feet by grandmas, employees, children, and teenagers as he makes friends with everyone he spots. His sweet disposition and big blue eyes continue to melt everyones' hearts, most especially ours! We love love you Teddy Bear! Fastest and best 6 months of our lives!

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