Thursday, March 23, 2017

Teddy's First Christmas!

Teddy's first Christmas was a magical one, made even better by the massive snow storm that hit Christmas eve. We woke up to lots of beautiful perfect snow, the biggest SLC storm in decades! Teddy got lots of fun presents (thanks everyone!) but he seemed to enjoy the wrapping paper and the $1 light up reindeer wand the most haha.

Teddy was spoiled with so much love and attention while in Utah. Everyone loved him, especially all the teenage cousins and Great Grandma Siddoway. Everyone took turns stealing him at all the family parties. Great Grandma would just chat with Teddy all day long as she puttered around the kitchen and he played in his exersaucer. "Now we're going to cut up our grapefruit but first we need a special knife." "Aren't you just the most perfect baby?" "What did your parents do to deserve you?" "Are you having fun?" It was adorable. Great Grandma gave him his very first teddy bear for Christmas! It's a vintage bear from a famous bear factory in Germany.

We had a full three weeks filled with playing with Elle, Livy, Winnie and Lisa during the day and partying with Grandma Barbara at night. Throw in lots of diet coke-filled errands and baking and there you have it!

A few highlights were seeing the temple lights with the Thatchers, Grandma and Amy. Teddy helped build gingerbread houses with his cousins, frost our traditional sugar cookies and make braided bread. We played in Teddy's first snow (he had mixed reactions)

Grandma did baby crossfit with Teddy every night and he learned to scoot on all fours, sit on his own better and do a downward dog. He is so active now!

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