Monday, January 12, 2015

salted caramel + nutella stuffed cookies

Blake has been begging me to make these salted caramel + nutella stuffed double choice cookies for about a year now. A mixture of forgetfulness, hesitation (the recipe looks harder than it is) and laziness has resulted in zero cookies for Blake.

While he was away last week it was the perfect time to whip up this recipe. I like making a mess when I bake, no "clean as you go" process for me. As a result, I find it best to bake when Blake can't witness the chaos :)

I used rolos rather than making my own caramel (thank you Target clearance holiday candy) and was pleasantly surprised with the easy recipe. It's more time consuming than difficult. Also I didn't have flaky sea salt and just tried using table salt to sprinkle on top --- don't.

All in the all the cookies turned out delicious The cookies don't look too appetizing since it makes a thick brownie-cookie base but trust me they are good. Blake was more excited to eat them than to see me. A baking win in my book.

Be warned these cookies are dense, we're talking Levain style dense. I think next time I'll add pb chips instead of  caramel and try to make knock off Levain pb cookies- one of my favorite NYC treats.


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