Wednesday, January 21, 2015

winter essentials

With a few snow dustings under our belt, we're gearing up for another brutal DC winter. These are a few of my winter essentials to hopefully survive another polar vortex.
I love the few days a year when I wake up to a winter wonderland like this!
*source: pinterest

*My absolute #1 winter must have is good slippers. These LL bean slippers are incredible and I really wish I could wear them to work.

*Blake has recently sold me on flannel sheets. In the past, flannel sheets have always gotten sweaty and gross by the morning. But these flannel sheets are perfect, never sweaty and oh so cozy.

*It's no secret I'm a sucker for hot bubble baths. This bubble bath was a random TJ Maxx find and has been my favorite ever since. Grapefruit wins every time in my book.

*Hot chocolate with mini marshmellows. Duh. Stephen's is just the best so convince your really nice mom to mail you some tins since it's not sold in DC (?!)

*Even though no one sees your socks, wearing cute wool socks always helps getting dressed in pitch black darkness. I always find cute cheap ones at TJ Maxx.

*I love to cuddle up with a good book in the winter. A few recommendations: Wonder, Code Name Verity and the sequel Rose Under Fire, Potato Peel Society, French Women Don't Get Fat, Bossy Pants. I'm going to start Boys in Boats soon and I can't wait!

*I love to steal Blake's comfy grey sweatshirt. Why are boy sweatshirts so much warmer?

*Getting the motivation to walk to our complex's gym in the snow can be a bit of challenge. Jillian Michael's home work out videos saved me on more than one occasion last winter. Her 30 day shred is no joke. I also really like the yoga one.

*Remember spring is just around the corner and that means cheery blossoms!!!
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  1. I have those slippers too! Best Ithaca winter purchase! I also love my pair of lands end men's serious sweats! Nothing better for being comfy & cozy after work on a cold night! We have also had friends ship us Stephen's Raspberry Hot Chocolate!