Monday, January 26, 2015

sprinkle tears

Blake and I have been big big fans of Sugar Shack donuts ever since we tried them in Richmond. We have been anxiously awaiting their Alexandria opening for a while. Blake surprised me with a fun Saturday adventure to attend the grand opening! I cried sprinkle tears of joy.
The line was out the door but standing in the rain with other donut enthusiasts was fun! 
If you tweeted a selfie in the shop you got a free donut- score!
There are no set flavors on the menu. Every 10-20 minutes new flavors come out like 
lemon poppy seed, pb oreo, salted caramel, caramel oreo, maple bacon, apple crisp, strawberry, snickers and classic staples like chocolate sprinkles.
This is a dangerous addition to the neighborhood. We will be back...tonight ;)


  1. What what what what what what? I'm showing this to Jonathan STAT. Donut double date? Maybe pizza + donuts? (healthy)